Taylor Hicks gives newspaper “the bored-and-jaded-superstar act”

During Taylor Hicks’ tour, The Orange County Register arranged to interview the American Idol 5 winner, but they didn’t get much of an interview. Instead, they got “the bored-and-jaded-superstar act from a guy whose debut album made a splash but very few ripples on the charts.”

For example, when asked about how fans have responded to his performances, Taylor said, “It’s been great.” That’s was his entire answer. When asked about his next album, he said, “I’m looking to collect songs. This album’s only been out three months. It’s tough to go into that next realm right now.” When asked about season six and Sanjaya, Taylor says simply, “I’m not going to comment on that. I don’t feel like it’s my place. It’s up to America to decide the winner.” Thanks for the insight, Taylor.

The Orange County Register’s Peter Larsen writes, “Two minutes in and it’s becoming clear that teeth are pulled from hens more easily than interesting quotes from Hicks.” Later, Larsen writes, “Remember those awkward first dates where your best attempts at conversation fell as flat as day-old Champagne?”

But he concludes his awkward interview with Taylor by saying that “maybe it’s not fair to expect a guy plucked from the Alabama bar circuit to give interviews like Bono overnight. But would it kill him to try?”

Taylor Hicks proves a man of few words [Orange County Register]