Charges against man who punched Real World Austin’s Danny may be dropped

The man who punched Danny Jamison in the face during the first episode of The Real World Austin may not be prosecuted.

The judge “said he probably would bar prosecutors from pursuing aggravated assault charges against” Ryan Getman, who was arrested because of footage MTV provided, the Austin-American Statesman reported.

That’s because of “the legal theory of collateral estoppel” which “prevents an issue of fact determined in one court proceeding from being litigated again in another court,” according to the paper.

Here’s what happened, according to the Austin-American Statement’s report: “After his Austin arrest, prosecutors in Nueces County said that by failing to report the arrest, failing to pay court costs and committing the offense of aggravated assault, he had violated his probation. But the judge found that Getman violated his probation only by failing to report his new arrest, sent him to jail for 30 days and ordered him to take anger-management classes. Assistant Travis County District Attorney Steven Brand argued that because the Nueces County judge never addressed whether Getman committed the aggravated assault, the issue is undecided.”

Getman said, “I’m relieved. It’s been two years. I’ve got a ray of light shining on me today.”

Charges against suspect in ‘Real World’ attack may be dismissed [Austin-American Statesman]