Survivor’s doctor fired; Burnett would take Apprentice to another network

Mark Burnett, the executive producer of Survivor has fired the doctor that works as the on-set medic. Adrian Cohen admitted to using cocaine and getting drugs illegally, and was fined by an Australian medical tribunal, the New York Post reported.

Now, the paper’s Michael Star reports that “Burnett … said Dr. Adrian Cohen … is history after admitting to using medical-grade cocaine and inappropriately obtaining prescription drugs.”

Burnett also tells the paper that he’ll take The Apprentice to another network if NBC cancels it. The show’s sixth season concludes Sunday, and Donald Trump said it was renewed for a seventh season. That was last summer, however, and NBC didn’t confirm or deny that report.

“If you think I’m going to let ‘The Apprentice’ end, even if it’s not on NBC, that’s not going to happen. [Show host] Donald Trump is too big of a name. If you look honestly at the numbers, even on a Sunday, with all sorts of [programming] disadvantages … we’re still beating ‘The Black Donnellys,’ ‘Studio 60’ and ‘Friday Night Lights,'” Burnett told the paper.

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