Parents are “incensed” and feel “lied to” because school let teacher do The Bachelor

Amber Alchalabi is one of the women on The Bachelor 10, and she’s also an elementary school teacher who left her job to go on the show.

Before leaving, she wrote to parents that because of “personal issues,” she’d be away. Her appearance on the show “kept her out for 22 school days — 10 of them unpaid,” The Houston Chronicle reports.

Amber told the paper, “I am surprised and saddened that my personal life and pursuit of a long-term relationship would upset my community.” But she also said in a written statement, “I cherish my position at Colony Bend Elementary School, holding it with the utmost degree of professionalism and integrity. I apologize if my participation in The Bachelor created any issues or upset for the parents or my students, all of whom I adore.”

While some parents didn’t mind her absence, others are upset. One, Lesley White, told KHOU, “I am incensed. It is not appropriate whatsoever for 9 and 10-year-old children. Kids are being exploited for this!” Another parent, Raquel Flores, said that her absence affected the kids’ work. “They were in the middle of studying for the TAKS test. While she was gone they took their writing TAKS test” with a substitute, she said.

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