Jeff Probst says Survivor China will be filmed on islands

The report in Variety yesterday announcing that the next Survivor will be filmed in China says the show would move “away from an island setting for the first time since the sixth installment, set in the Amazon jungle.”

Besides the factual error–the 11th season, Survivor Guatemala, wasn’t filmed on an island–the report was wrong, too.

Host Jeff Probst revealed on Live with Regis and Kelly today that there are a “little group of islands we’re going to,” he said, according to Reality TV World. Of the island’s name, he said, “I can’t even pronounce it.”

Earlier, Survivor Maps speculated about possible island locations in China. The site said “the Amphrite Group in the Paracels are particlularly well suited to a Survivor location. There are numerous small, wooded islands with long white beaches. Tree Island has a Ming Dynasty temple, can you say, ‘Tribal Council?’ … Eight miles to the south is Woody Island, home of a Chinese garrison. The island boasts a port, airport, and sufficient facilities for the Survivor Production crew.”

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