TV Guide Channel pays $6.7 million to exclusively repeat VH1’s Celebreality shows

The TV Guide Channel paid $6.7 million for VH1’s Celebreality shows, which it will exclusively repeat for three years. The shows include Flavor of Love and all of VH1’s Flavor Flav spin-offs, The Surreal Life, and My Fair Brady.

The distributor “sold TV Guide a total of 135 off-VH1 episodes of the various shows (encompassing more than 100 hours of programming) for a license fee of $50,000 an episode,” Variety reports. “The episodes move to TV Guide after a two-year exclusive run on VH1. During TV Guide’s three years of exclusivity, VH1 will not be able to play those reruns.”

Reruns will begin airing in July, scheduled “in a latenight block, aiming to appeal to young viewers, hordes of whom stay up late and watch television,” Variety says.

While TV Guide gets the exclusive rights to the cable and satellite broadcast of the shows, its “exclusivity doesn’t extend to TV syndication,” and Variety says “[a]s many as 15 stations could be paying license fees for ‘Surreal Life’ by the fall.”

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