Tango dumps New York on I Love New York reunion

Last night, VH1 aired Tango and New York’s first meeting since he proposed to her on the finale of I Love New York. Although New York said they were exchanging dirty pictures and she’d do another show with him, she won’t get the chance, because Tango dumped her on the reunion. Really, how else could the saga end? It was either that or an announcement of baby Tango and New Yorks.

Tango’s reason for dumping her had something to do with her two identities, or something. “This is not to say I don’t love Tiffany. I love Tiffany. I ain’t feelin’ New York. I’m done with New York. I proposed to Tiffany… but I got New York. … I sat back and watched New York disrespect me. And I watched New York disrespect my mother… and that ain’t gonna fly,” Tango said, according to Reality TV World.

“It’s bad enough I got to fight off these other dudes on a regular basis, taking whatever I’m taking from them, because I know I’ve got a goal at hand. So somebody tell me why I’ve got to take it from the person I’m supposedly pursuing and supposedly supposed to be loving?” he said.

New York’s reacted by telling Chance, “I should have fucking chose you!” She later said, “I don’t care. I put my heart into this. This is fucked up that this had to happen to me!” They fought, and Tango walked off, saying, “That’s a wrap! When you see Tiffany, tell her to get at me!”

But reading it doesn’t really do any of this drama justice; just watch it, and fear for our future.

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