Samantha Harris reveals Dancing with the Stars scores early

I recently started regularly watching Dancing with the Stars after seeing this impossible-to-transcribe gem on Best Week Ever:

The show’s host Tom Bergeron is kind of a toolbox, but his co-host Samantha Harris, who appears to be either possessed or making fun of deaf people in the clip above, makes the whole show worth watching.

Last night was no exception, as she gave away the scores before the judges actually gave them out. Interviewing Laila Ali, she said, “That’s a 28 out of 30 for Max and Leila. Now, folks, if you like their cheeky cha-cha, get to the phones and vote.” She stopped, bent down, clearly listening to a voice in hear earpiece, and said, “Of course, let’s go to the scores.”

That funny British guy announcer had the certifiably insane judges reveal their scores with their glitter-covered paddles, and then Samantha tried to explain just what happened: “A little explanation for the viewers at home; the judges put their scores right into their pads that are sitting there at their desks, and so, of course, I got to hear their score. I was so excited for them I let the cat out of the bag a little early. But that’s how it works, folks.”

I think we’ve discovered TJ Lavin’s hosting soulmate.