Violence erupts on MTV’s Inferno 3 as CT is sent home for punching Davis

Less than 20 minutes into the first episode of The Inferno 3, the producers had to break down the fourth wall to kick CT off the show. Executive producer Justin Booth, who appeared to be half asleep, woke up CT and forced him to leave the house because CT punched The Real World Denver‘s Davis in the eye.

Davis told us what happened. “I walk by CT and Abram, and all of a sudden CT stops me and is like, ‘Hey, man, can you take a punch?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, I mean, I’m tough, yeah.’ And I then I get punched in the eye, out of the blue, for no reason.” CT, of course, should never have hit him, but it’s not exactly “out of the blue” if you decide to assert your masculinity by telling an unstable person that you can take a punch.

When confronted by other cast members, CT at first denied punching him, perhaps because he was drunk and passing out. But later, he told us, “They’re just taking it too far because they know they’re going to have a really hard time getting rid of me. It’s not malicious; it’s not evil. I wasn’t picking on a gay kid or anything like that. Like, get over it. … Davis, I understand where you’re coming from. You got a little boo-boo; let it go.”

CT’s assault left Davis with a black eye for the rest of the episode, and TJ Lavin to explain what happened to the cast. He did so remarkably well, ending by saying, “That’s a wrap for him,” he said, announcing that they were adding a new cast member: Derrick. By the way, when is someone on one of these shows going to call the police instead of just moving on and inviting that person back next season?

The drama came after CT and Kenny wrestled twice, first when CT nearly choked Kenny to death, and then when Kenny gave CT a bloody nose. And of course, the evening began with everyone toasting each other with wine, because what’s a little violence without alcohol?

And what’s a little Challenge without some insufferable, greedy, narcissistic people showing that they lack humanity? The Bad Ass team picked Davis to go into the Inferno because they perceived him to be weak–because their own team member, CT, punched him. Shameless. However, the Good Guys team lived up to their name when Alton, who won the individual challenge, saved Davis by taking his place in the Inferno.

The weirdest thing about this season, though, is that with The Real World Denver and Road Rules: Viewers’ Revenge both still airing, there are cast members who are on two shows simultaneously. Even knowing that the Challenge was taped last fall, it’s still strange, especially when commercials for those two shows air during the Challenge. In the MTV universe, they’re in two places at once.