Inferno 3 Challenge debuts tonight on MTV

For the 14th–yes, 14th–season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, MTV takes 20 of its usual suspects to South Africa to compete in The Inferno 3.

They’ll play for $400,000 total, with $15,000 prizes being given out for individual challenges and $150,000 going to the final winner.

Like for the last Inferno, MTV has dived the group into teams of the Good Guys and Bad Asses; the team “built from loyalty and trust” consists of Ace, Alton, Cara, Colie, Davis, John, Paula, Rachel, Susie, and Timmy. The team “formed on a basis of manipulation and lies” is Abram, Aneesa, CT, Danny, Ev, Janelle, Jenn, Kenny, Tonya, and Tyrie.

I was drawn back into the Challenges by the second Inferno, but then was disappointed by The Duel (with its absurd rules), Fresh Meat, and Gauntlet 2 (with its crappy challenges) versions that followed. Last time, the Inferno was hosted by Dave Mirra, a man who actually made sense when he talked. But this time, our friend and most recent Challenge host TJ Lavin returns; let’s just hope that this season offers more entertainment than his nonsensical babble.

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