Jessica Sierra charged with cocaine possession, aggravated battery; works at Hooters

American Idol 4 finalist Jessica Sierra was arrested and charged this weekend with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of cocaine, and introduction of contraband into a detention facility, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office’s report.

She was “out partying with friends at the Hyde Park Cafe in South Tampa” when “[p]olice say Sierra smashed a heavy glass over a man’s head, causing a gash right above his eye,” FOX 13 Tampa Bay reports, adding that “sources tell FOX 13 News the man may have spit on Sierra.”

A Tampa Bay Police Department spokesperson told FOX 13, “Officers were able to talk to the victim and the suspect, and discovered they had some sort of heated exchange and at some point Jessica Sierra threw a cocktail glass at the victim. … Sierra was not cooperative with police, she was belligerent, kicking at back window when she was placed in the patrol car, and warned several times if she didn’t stop kicking, she would be placed in leg constraints. At that time, she did settle down.”

Her star has fallen fast: Her mug shot looks a lot different than her promotional shots from two years ago. And while her arrest record shows her as “self employed” as a singer, FOX 13 reports that Jessica “has been working at a Hooters in South Tampa.”

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