Designer Anand Jon, who’s appeared on Top Model, charged with sexual assault and rape

Designer Anand Jon, who appeared in at least two episodes of America’s Next Top Model, “has been charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

Anand Jon, who has also appeared on the MTV Movie Awards, was arrested earlier this month and “charged with six felonies and one misdemeanor for alleged sexual assaults between October 2004 and March 5.”

His attorney admitted that he’d had sexual relations with the women, but said the women were lying. “In these cases, what is going on here is these girls fly in for model jobs after months of dialogue filled with flirtation, they have sexual interaction and if he doesn’t put them in the show … then some time later they claim they had unwanted sex,” Ronald Richards told the paper.

More appallingly, the attorney told the AP that basically, this is what women do: lie about rape. “When you deal with a large amount of women, you’re going to have potential false allegations made against you,” Richards said.

After his appearance on Top Model 3, one of the models, Julie Ann Titus, told Nirali Magazine, “I respect him as a fashion designer. But he was very, very rude to some of the girls. … And he smelled bad. The girls looked at me and were like, are all Indian guys like this? And I was like, nope, just this fool right here.”

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