CW’s Search for the Next (Pussycat) Doll, fourth season of BET’s College Hill debut tonight

The CW kicks off a new competitive reality series tonight at 9 p.m. ET with The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, which will award its winner a spot in the Pussycat Dolls group. Pussycat Dolls found Robin Antin told the New York Times that “it is empowering to get up there and dress up like a Doll,” while the show’s producer, McG, said, “this is, frankly, third-wave feminism.”

Among the show’s judges are Lil’ Kim, and Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath hosts. Also, there’s a lot of on-screen vomiting. But the vomiting and the ensuing medical assistance is “not inspiring — it’s grim — when the shivering hopefuls summon their empowerment, unhook their IVs, squeeze into their skimpy costumes and take the stage to try to become Pussycat Dolls,” The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan says in her review. And The New York Daily News’ David Bianculli also refers to the vomit in his review, saying that, after watching one contestant puke, “while watching the first two hours of this series, I knew how she felt.”

Meanwhile, on BET, College Hill abandons the continental United States for the Virgin Islands for its fourth season. The University of the Virgin Islands-set show debuts tonight with a one-hour episode at 10 p.m. on BET, and follows eight students’ lives kind of like The Real World, only they actually do attend class occasionally.

Half of those cast members are from Los Angeles, transferred to the Virgin Islands for the show, which leads to some conflict. And one of the cast members is a comedian and actor; Willie McMiller once guest starred on CSI and has “performed at the Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store,” according to the New York Daily News’ Marisa Guthrie.

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