Amazing Race All-Stars spoiler has correctly predicted the first three eliminated teams

The first three teams to be eliminated from the all-star Amazing Race were correctly identified at the beginning of this season by a spoiler posted online.

A Television Without Pity post on January 27 said “a source close to the show” sent the list, and it was posted because “it now appears that the chances of it being accurate are very high.” Jam! Showbiz published the list, but in highlightable spoiler text.

I’ve only highlighted the first three lines, because if I learn that Rob and Amber win I’ll probably stop watching, and if they do go home soon, I want to be surprised. But the first three teams to go home were identified by the list in the correct order: “11th: John Vito & Jill, 10th: Kevin & Drew, 9th: Dave & Mary.”

Boot list spoils ‘Race’ results? [Jam! Showbiz]