Michelle falls on Survivor Fiji, delivering the season’s best moment to date

Survivor Fiji may not be delivering the kind of drama and competition we saw during last season’s race war. But last night’s episode had one moment that will go down in Survivor history, and was by far the most entertaining three seconds this season.

At the immunity challenge, the tribe members were blindfolded, and had to be led to hanging skulls by a non-blindfolded team member who was standing on a platform. Usually in these challenges, it’s the blindfolded people who get injured, and that was true for a few people who ran into a fence. But the person who was almost really hurt wasn’t blindfolded at all.

Michelle was calling for the Moto tribe, and she was having a great time, dancing and swaying as she excitedly called directions to her tribemates. With just one person left, she grew even more excited, crying, “You’re doing awesome! Follow that rail…” As she said those last three words, Michelle fell off the platform, tipping over like a mannequin and then popping back up apparently completely unscathed, and DVRs everywhere rewound to watch the moment again and again.