Spielberg and Burnett “are enormously thrilled with” On the Lot submissions

Steven Spielberg and producer Mark Burnett “are enormously thrilled with the response we’ve had to the call for film submissions” for their upcoming reality series On the Lot, Burnett says in a press release.

While that’s a good sign they’re happy, it’s not like his made-up press release quotation would say, “We were tremendously disappointed by the crap we received.” And it is clearly a made-up quotation. Does someone clearly expect us to believe that real human beings, not press release-producing robots, talk like this, inserting all kinds of shameless promotion into their sentences? Here’s the full quotation for your amusement:

“Steven and I are enormously thrilled with the response we’ve had to the call for film submissions via our website thelot.com. This confirms our notion that there is an incredible amount of talented filmmakers in the world looking for their big breaks. We are very excited that our partners at FOX have scheduled the launch of this series with the powerhouse AMERICAN IDOL finale and the premiere of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Coming off of the success of ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?, launching out of AMERICAN IDOL is a terrific move.”

As that quotation says, FOX will push back the debut of the new series and attach it to the back end of American Idol on May 22 and the debut of So You Think You Can Dance 3 on May 24. Then it will air Mondays at 9 and Tuesdays at 8 starting May 28, although that day will be a two-hour episode that starts at 8.

Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg’s “On the Lot” Makes its Special Two-Night Series Premiere… [FOX press release]