Bunim-Murray forms documentary film company, will release Autism: The Musical

The creators of The Real World are moving into more respectable territory with their new company, which will focus on documentary film.

BMP Films “will operate on an acquisition-based business model, picking up projects already in development or production and then using Bunim-Murray’s resources to finish production,” Variety reports. The Simple Life casting director Sasha Alpert will run the new division.

Unlike their previous film effort, The Real Cancun–which Alpert also cast, and which debuted in a dismal 10th place–the new company will apparently produce serious films, at least judging by its first movie.

They acquired Autism: The Musical, a film that “follows the lives of autistic children and their parents over six months as the kids — under the direction of acting coach Elaine Hall — stage and perform a live musical,” according to Variety. The Tricia Regan-directed film debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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