Dancing with the Stars trophies “are falling to pieces,” Cheryl Burke says

Two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Cheryl Burke says that the mirrored globe trophies she received aren’t exactly prizes.

“Both are falling to pieces, by the way. The mirrors are slowly falling off,” she told the AP. And that’s not because she’s been carrying them around with her everywhere. “One trophy is home in San Francisco with my mom and dad and the other one is in my storage because I was on tour for two months,” she said.

The cheap quality of the trophy is surprising considering that it’s the only prize the show offers; producers don’t even give money to charity on behalf of the winners. They celebrities are paid; for the third season, they received $125,000 for the first two weeks, plus $20,000 per week after that.

Burke says she’s not obsessed with winning yet again during the show’s fourth season. “Even after coming in last season after winning with Drew in the second season, it wasn’t about, `Oh, I have to win again.’ … It’s about who I’m dancing with and making my partner the best dancer he can possibly be,” she said.

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