American Idol voting down almost 20 percent

Compared to the number of votes cast last year during the first four voting weeks, viewer votes on American Idol 6 are down 19.5 percent.

MJ’s Big Blog compiled “the voting totals, typically announced by Ryan Seacrest at the beginning of each results show,” and compared them to last year, finding that there has been a “substantial and consistent” decrease in viewer voting.

When viewer voting started with the top 24, the number of votes received was down 20 percent from last year (40 million last season compared to 32 million this season); for the top 20, it was down 24 percent (down from 42 million to 32 million); at the top 16, the drop was 20 percent (down from 46 million to 37 million), and for last week’s top 12, it dropped 14 percent (down from 32.5 million to 28 million).

Like the show’s decreasing ratings, this could be a result of the mediocre talent, or perhaps it’s just Idol fatigue.

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