Stephanie goes home, Chris Richardson was in the bottom two, and Sanjaya was totally safe

Stephanie Edwards was the second contestant eliminated from American Idol 6. She was joined in the bottom two by Chris Richardson, whose singing Tuesday was called his “best performance so far” by Simon Cowell.

Sanjaya was totally safe, although for all we know, he was in the bottom three; Ryan Seacrest only told us the bottom two. Sanjaya’s safety is bad news for at least two people, who are on hunger strike until Sanjaya is eliminated. J started Friday, while Matt started yesterday.

J writes on MySpace that Sanjaya “does NOT belong on American Idol. The judges faltered with their decision to place him in the 24, and American Idol voters have done even worse by keeping him on. So until the day that Sanjya is no longer American Idol, I will be going on a hunger strike. This means I will refuse to eat anything until American Idol voters wise up, and stop voting Sanjya through each week.”

Unless their goal is attention, that’s about the dumbest thing ever. Vote for the Worst and others don’t need additional motivation to keep Sanjaya around and annoy the world, but now their efforts will also ensure that two idiots stay hungry for another week.

The most random part of the results show came thanks to FOX’s self-promotion. Brad Garrett showed up to whore his FOX sitcom, and sat with the contestants on stage until Ryan started to eliminate them. When the show returned from a break, they showed him in the audience, holding a sign that said, “Clay Aiken hurt me!” Is this the show subtly outing Clay, or just making fun of Clay’s trials over the past year? Or is the sign just referring to his most recent album?

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