Paula Abdul: “I’ve never had so much bullshit written about me in my entire career”

Paula Abdul is getting angry. Entertainment Weekly reports that during a recent conversation with her, she “was still riled up about” reaction to her slurring in interviews earlier this season.

In that interview, she said, “I’ve never had so much bullshit written about me in my entire career, 21 years in this business. Nobody, [including] my friends and my family, has seen me drinking, partying…EVER. I’m the squarest dork there is. I’ve worked my ass off my whole career.” (For the record, Entertainment Weekly obscured the last four letters of “bullshit,” because that’s such a scary word, one that will blind children if they read it.)

Anyway, Paula reiterates that she’s never been drunk or done “recreational drugs” (hello, loophole), and suggests that her bizarre behavior has to do with the nature of the judges’ role. “I have the hardest job — mid-sentence I have to think of what I’m going to say, [and] sometimes I have to talk fast because I don’t want to be edited. I have to think about what I’m going to say because I might not particularly care for [a contestant’s] performance. How [can I express this] so they leave with a little bit of dignity and grace?” she asks.

As to the competition, she heaps praise upon Jordin Sparks, saying “there’s something about Jordin that is older than her years. She’s naturally gifted, she’s not trained — she’s an artist that I think could be around for a long time.” On the men’s side, she says, “I love Blake [Lewis], I want him to follow his beatboxing with reckless abandon because that’s his unique gift, and continue to work on his vocals.”

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