Tia Williams: “the most crucial element for American Idol success is hair”

Prior to tonight’s American Idol 6 episode, I’m thinking about two things: How much will the men suck tonight? And what will Sanjaya’s hair look like this week? His hair has changed every week, and according to one former magazine editor, he’s paying attention to the one thing that actually counts: his hair.

“The most crucial element for American Idol success is hair. You can have a great voice, but if you have bad hair, you’re a goner,” Tia Williams says on a FOX Philadelphia report. (Yes, this is what local news has been reduced to; meanwhile, we’re turning into a country of absolute morons.)

Anyway, the report suggests Taylor’s hair helped him win, while Ace Young’s slicked-back hair led to his elimination.

And Williams, a former Elle beauty editor, says that last season, Kelly Pickler’s “hair was so important that [after she cut it] the American Idol people actually made her put extensions in to bring her back for the American Idol tour.”

Idol: Secret to Success May Not Be Singing [MyFox Philadelphia]