Sanjaya lovers and haters are all calling themselves ‘Fanjayas’

The American Idol universe has a new term: Fanjayas. And the word is being used by both his friends and enemies.

The show’s message board has an “Official Fanjayas Thread” that begins with a list of 249 official Fanjayas, or people who love Sanjaya Malakar.

But those who do not love the 17-year-old contestant are also being called, and calling themselves, Fanjayas. They’re viewers “who want him to win because he’s just so bad” and who “take a twisted pleasure in skewering the ‘Idol’ call-in vote, keeping him in the running long after he was expected to be gone,” as the New York Daily News puts it.

“Sanjaya is totally going to win “American Idol” and it’s going to be ridiculously awesome,” the blog Crushed by Inertia says in a post titled “Fanjayas Unite!”. “What’s even more incredible than Sanjaya’s combination of talentlessness and determination to go on television weekly to prove said talentlessness is the fact that some people out there genuinely like him.”

No matter what happens to Sanjaya, then, some Fanjayas will be happy and others will be sad. As for the rest of us, we know only three things for sure about a Sanjaya victory: Simon Cowell will quit, a woman and a man will die of starvation, and a 13-year-old will run out of tears.

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