Antonella told producers about pictures, which “[weren’t] meant for the public eye”

The last four semi-finalists to be booted off American Idol 6 talked to Access Hollywood, and buried in that conversation are some interesting revelations from the show’s most famous contestant, Antonella Barba.

Antonella Barba’s photos “[weren’t] meant for the public eye,” she says, because “my personal life was not meant for everybody to know about.”

That’s impossibly stupid, considering it was obvious she was being photographed, and why be photographed unless you want others to know about what you’re doing? Perhaps you don’t expect half the country will be Googling “Antonella Barba topless” one day, but you don’t stand in a fountain in Washington, D.C., in panties and a wet t-shirt and smile at a camera and expect privacy.

While stupidity from Antonella might not be surprising, it is surprising that producers knew about the photos before they were released, at least according to her. She says producers “had already known about it because I had told them about pictures that had been taken that could come out and like there was no getting in trouble with ‘Idol’ itself because they knew about it the whole time. They were working to protect me against it.”

Speaking of protecting the contestants, contestants may need to be protected from Ryan Seacrest’s height in the future. Jared Cotter says that, when he was waiting to find out if he was eliminated or not, he already knew, because he could see over Ryan’s shoulder.

“I’m 6′ 4″ and Ryan is like 5′ nothing or whatever he is. I like the guy but he’s short,” Jared says. “So when I walked over to him I actually saw over his shoulder and saw the card so the whole time I was sitting there like mad but it’s all right. You know I saw in big letters it said, ‘Jared, you are not in the top 12.'”

‘Idol’ castoffs shocked, but hopeful [Access Hollywood]