Girls Gone Wild offers Antonella $250,000 to host

The closest thing American Idol 6 has to a scandal has reached its next chapter: others exploiting it to bring attention to themselves.

Specifically, Girls Gone Wild is offering Antonella $250,000 to host its videos. Us Weekly notes that, if she accepted the offer, she’d join “past hosts Snoop Dogg and former Real World cast members Syrus, Tonya, Cameran and Ace.”

Girls Gone Wild’s producer, Joe Francis, said, “There’s a little Girls Gone Wild in every woman, and this should be embraced as a positive, not a negative. Antonella Barba is an unbelievably sexy girl who obviously knows how to have a good time. Why are people being ridiculed and punished for being sexual? It’s ridiculous.”

It’s almost as ridiculous as taking advantage of people ridiculing and punishing her for being sexual.

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