John Paulus says Clay Aiken sex story was “all a lie” and “a really evil scheme”

John Paulus’ claim that he had unprotected sex with Clay Aiken in a hotel room, which he revealed in the National Enquirer and detailed on the Howard Stern Show and elsewhere, “was nothing but a story concocted by another Idols fans and I was nothing, but the front person in this scheme,” he reportedly wrote on his blog.

Paulus posted that a group of Clay-hating people, including that blog, recruited him and “we worked out this scheme over 6 months and put it into place going over ever detail. I even took 3 prior lie detector test so that I could pass one by any media that gave me one.” He also wrote, according to Clay Aiken fan blog Neutralzone’s detailed account, “My only compensation was that they would get me in touch with Lucas to do porno,” and said he kept up the ruse “Because Claymates pissed me off and it was fun messing with them.”

No such blog post currently exists on his site, which seems to be dedicated to copying and pasting stories and photographs from other sites, but one blog that Paulus accused of masterminding the scheme says he deleted his retraction sometime after posting it last week. And Paulus himself commented on another blog’s story about his retraction, but only to insist that he wasn’t paid for the original story.

The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad, one of the site’s Paulus accused, posted e.mail messages from him and says “John Paulus went a little nuts and made a blog recanting his story, which he then deleted. Then he promised details about how THIS blog was behind his year long campaign and he never came through. He couldn’t. He didn’t. There IS NO TRUTH to what he was saying” about a conspiracy.

Last June, Paulus apologized to Clay and his fans for revealing the story, which he still maintained was true, in a “callow and selfish moment.” Although he was not paid by the Enquirer for his story, he used his fame to begin a career in porn.

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