Bravo VP: “we did not alter the integrity of what happened” with Marcel hazing; no reunion due to viewer reaction

Bravo VP Andy Cohen takes a break from egologging and uses his blog to address “lingering” viewer complaints about Top Chef 2. Specifically, he discusses the distortion of the timeline surrounding Marcel’s hazing. He writes:

On almost every show we do … we condense material that takes place over hours and hours of time (like cooking and judges’ table) into minutes. The night in question was no different and we did not alter the integrity of what happened, which is that Marcel was bullied. That was the focus of what occured that night and what led to Cliff’s dismissal the next morning.

He does not explain why it was necessary to reverse the two scenes, considering placing them in chronological order would not have affected the episode in any way except to present the events as they actually happened. In addition, he addresses complaints that this season basically sucked, and writes that there was no reunion because of fan complaints about the show:

In the big picture “listening to viewers” category, we are constantly striving to find the balance between the drama and the cooking, and many of you felt we didn’t hit it right this season. It IS a show about cooking but it’s always a tough call in the edit room when there is drama that is informing what’s going on in the kitchen between the chefs. You feel we missed the mark on that BIG TIME and I hear that loud and clear.

One of several reasons we didn’t do a reunion show this season was because of your feeling that the show was too negative and the drama too intense. See season one’s reunion show if you want a refresher on how a cooking reunion show can turn into an episode of “Jerry Springer” and that will further clue you in about our thoughts this year. You weren’t crazy about that show, either.

We have something much better planned for the chefs this year, so watch what happens for more on that!

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