CBS promises Race all-stars are making “one final trek around the globe”

The Amazing Race 11 officially debuts in just under two weeks, and CBS has finally gotten around to announcing the 11 all-star teams that will participate. Of course, this information was revealed weeks ago.

Besides revealing the teams, CBS’ announcement says they will “will travel more than 45,000 miles, spanning five continents in 28 days.” Disturbingly, it says that “[t]eams will be forced to choose between pre-existing relationships and the spirit of competition. Will new alliances form and will old bonds be broken?” Will The Amazing Race ever remember that it’s not supposed to be the damn Real World/Road Rules Challenge?

The announcement does, however, promise that this is the casts’ “final trek around the globe.” Alas, it does not promise to keep Rob and Amber off CBS, banished to cable for the rest of their lives.

The press release also lists the place the teams came the first time around, and although this information was, of course, easy to find earlier, in aggregate, it’s apparent just how unsuccessful these teams were. (That, of course, aggravated two of the first-place teams.) More than half came in fourth place or worse; one quarter came in fifth or worse. That said, one-third of the teams came in first or second.

Here’s the breakdown, which doesn’t equal 11, the number of teams, because one team (Eric and Danielle) is comprised of people who were on different teams during their season: One team came in first, three teams came in second, one team came in third, three teams came in fourth, one in fifth, two in sixth, and one in seventh.

CBS Announces The Cast of “The Amazing Race: All-Stars” [CBS press release]