All-star Amazing Race debuts Sunday

The 11th season of The Amazing Race debuts Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, and it will feature 22 familiar cast members from the show’s first 10 seasons.

The show’s host, Phil Keoghan, tells TV Guide that, “in the beginning, I wasn’t so keen on the idea of an all-star show because people started talking about it really early on in the Race franchise, like during Season 5.” But he says there are “some interesting dynamics. … We’ve got a great course lined up. We’re hitting South America and Africa, Europe, Asia… some exotic lands. And we’re wanting to push things a little harder because they’ve done it before.”

He also says the race is dramatic for him sometimes, too: “Last year, I got locked up in the Ukraine in immigration. This season, I lost my bag, with my wardrobe, for five days.”

On the occasion of the all-star race, The Independent Traveler names its “10 all-star destinations — one from each season — that stuck out in our minds for their striking landscapes, historical significance or intriguing cultural tasks.” Those include Aberdeen, Scotland, from season three; Cuzco, Peru, from season seven; and Hanoi, Vietnam, from season 10.

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