Road Rules “twist” drops one of viewers’ two votes

The new season of Road Rules is subtitled “Viewers’ Revenge,” and as part of that, viewers have been “nominating a cast member to send into elimination” and selecting a “challenger from The Pit Crew.” But as of last night’s episode, half of that decision-making has now been eliminated, effectively eliminating the “revenge” part.

That’s because, at least for last night’s episode, viewers do not get to select which cast member goes to the pit challenge. Instead, the show’s competent but bland host told the group to select just one of their own, instead of nominating two people. “But, there’s a new twist on the game. You only have to choose one person, and that can be a guy or a girl,” he said.

The cast selected Tori from a random drawing; as Adam explained, “The rules change and we’ve got to figure out a fair way to do it. Pulling names from a hat seems to be the fairest way.” Viewers still get to vote for someone to face off against Tori.

No explanation was given as to why that changed, or if it will remain this way for the rest of the season. And MTV’s pathetic web site still says it’s “up to you (yes, YOU!) to cast your vote at for the person you think should go into the Elimination Pit to face the Pit Crew.”