MTV contest’s winner will join the Road Rules Viewers Revenge pit crew

If you’d like to get punched in the face while producers sit back and touch themselves in excitement, MTV is sponsoring a contest that will award its winner a place in the Road Rules: Viewers’ Revenge pit crew.

The press release announcing the contest is a bit disingenuous, asking, “Ever dream of touring the country in an RV and hanging out with the Road Rules crew?” That is a lot sexier than saying, “Ever dream of getting on an RV and driving around LA and southern California, wasting gas while crews get footage of you so that viewers think you’re actually doing more than driving a few hours outside of the city and stopping at Wendy’s for shameless product placement?”

Speaking of shameless product placement, to enter the contest, you need to “successfully complete the special search mission.” Those who do so “are automatically entered for a chance to be a part of the Pit Crew,” according to a press release.

MTV’s “president of integrated marketing” says in the press release, “We’re thrilled to partner with in a way that truly reflects the interactive spirit of ‘Road Rules’. The ‘You in the Crew’ sweepstakes is another example of how we’re responding to our viewers’ love of reality and their simultaneous use of the Web, putting a whole new meaning to Viewers Revenge.” Yes, using a search engine that no one’s used for years: that’s a great way to respond to “viewers’ love of reality.” You in the Crew Sweepstakes [MTV]
MTV and Want You on MTV Road Rules 2007 Viewer’s Revenge [MTV press release]