Abram punches a Road Rules cast member (again) and gets kicked off (again)

After two episodes, Road Rules Viewers’ Revenge has proven itself to be a lot like The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, just with an unnecessary RV. But during last night’s episode, it also seemed a lot like itself.

That’s because cast member Abram, who was previously kicked off the South Pacific season for punching Donell, left the show after punching Adam repeatedly. The confrontation between Adam and Abe came as they argued about Adam volunteering to go to the Pit challenge.

The most horrifying part about the fight is actually not the punching and violent wrestling (between Adam and Abe, and Shane, who tries to break it up). Instead, it’s the brand-new cast member, Tori Hall, who watches in horror and wails into Kina’s shoulder, “I just want to go home.” The others, especially after Abram leaves, seem almost unfazed.

“It’s all right, it’s okay,” Kina says to Tori, as if Tori just needs to get used to people being punished for assault and battery by simply being sent home and then invited back for another season of this nonsense, just as she needs to get used to adults with cameras watching this kind of incomprehensible behavior unfold and doing absolutely nothing about it. Here’s the footage those camera operators captured: