reality blurred joining Federated Media; please tell them a little about yourself

In non-reality TV news, reality blurred has been invited to join Federated Media, an organization that says its mission is to “support independent website authors and audiences, by connecting them to marketers in an ongoing and robust conversation that feeds everyone involved.”

In other words, they’re my new pimp. Seriously, I’m thrilled to be in such honorable company.

Advertising helps me keep the site running and pay my cable bill, and in order to convince advertisers that their money is well-spent trying to woo you, I need your help. Luckily, that only involves taking a short 20-question survey about something you know a lot about: yourself. You can remain anonymous, of course.

As an added bonus, taking the survey helps you avoid work for at least five more minutes. What are you waiting for?

And thanks, as always, for reading.