Tim Gunn says he’ll be on Project Runway 4

After months of vague, speculation-inspiring comments about his future on the show, Tim Gunn has finally confirmed that he’ll be on Project Runway whenever it returns for a fourth season.

At Fashion Week, Tim told Star Magazine, “We’re coming back. I’ll still be on.” He said that his new job with Liz Claiborne won’t really affect the show. His new bosses “like the idea that I will continue be out in the world and visible in that capacity. Quite frankly, during the Project Runway auditions, I could find some good candidates for design positions,” he said.

In a separate interview, this time with New York Magazine, Tim replied to a question about whether or not he’d return by saying, “Yeah!” He also said that returning to the show was “part of the requirement. My requirement. I said to Bill McComb, if I can’t keep doing these things that are such incredible fun for me, then I wouldn’t want to do that.”

He does not say if he’s officially signed a contract yet, or offer any further details. However, he discusses plans for Project Runway 4 using the first-person plural. “We haven’t really even begun discussions yet. We need to determine when we’ll have auditions,” he said. “I think we’re going to have an even higher level of design come out of this. I love the fact that we can have a design dialogue and less of a discussion about things being poorly made.”

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