Tim Gunn still “working out” the details of his contract

The saga of Tim Gunn’s return to Project Runway is, almost unbelievably, still not over. It’s continued for more than two and a half months, since we first learned Tim was not yet signed for a fourth season.

Adding to it is a new interview today, in which Tim again confirms he’s returning, but says that he has not yet signed a contract.

Instead, as he tells Entertainment Weekly, “People were just asking me, ‘Have you signed your contract?’ And my answer — tersely — is: ‘I’m signing.’ Present tense. It isn’t past tense yet because there’s still a few little things that we’re working out. But do I have even one iota of a doubt that I’ll be back for season 4? No. Not one iota.”

He adds that he’s “talked to the producers and we’re trying to set up times for the auditions and things of that sort. So we’re moving forward.”

Tim also reveals that his new “Liz Claiborne office is right across the street” from Parsons, so he’ll be nearby for the production. “So if Heidi [Klum] wants to come over and find a dressing room, she can use my office at Liz Claiborne!”

By the way, while Bravo has yet to even announce the fourth season or casting for it, but with Tim on board, I think that’s not far off now. I don’t like to make predictions, but here’s what I described as an “educated guess” in an MSNBC.com column today about the show’s schedule: “…Bravo will announce the series’ renewal in February or March, and cast for the show in March, April, and May, and then tape in June, the same time ‘Project Runway 3′ was in production, and the earliest they can use Parsons’ facilities. Then, the show will again debut in July, concluding in time for Fashion Week in the fall.”

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