Starbucks giving away t-shirts designed by Project Runway’s Mychael Knight

Starbucks is giving away t-shirts that feature a design by Project Runway 3 finalist Mychael Knight. (By the way, that’s the way he actually spells his name; “That’s the way I’ve always spelled it. When I filled out the “Project Runway” application, I put my birth name on there. But everybody in Atlanta knows me by Mychael with a ‘y,'” he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

The t-shirts are available on Starbucks’ “Make it your drink” web site. However, you can’t just receive a shirt by visiting the site.

Cryptically, Starbucks says, “We only have a very limited number to give away each day, so check back daily at 10 a.m. PST, and try again. We will be giving out a limited number of free shirts every day through February 28.”

Designing the shirt has “been taking up most of my time,” Mychael tells the paper. “I’ve been so excited, and I want it to be a successful campaign.”

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