Jeffrey Sebelia is “totally broke” but designing costumes for Paula Abdul’s Bratz movie

Project Runway 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia may be “totally broke,” he says, but he’s also working on Paula Abdul’s forthcoming movie, a live-action version of the Bratz dolls franchise.

Even after receiving the show’s $100,000 prize, “The truth is, I’m totally broke,” he tells New York Magazine. That’s a result of paying off debt related to his Cosa Nostra label. Trying to find $3 to pay for parking, he told the interviewer, “I’m just so tired of haggling. I mean, this is not a big deal, I’m just so tired of it.”

At least one of his friends doesn’t appreciate the dilemma. Giving Jeffrey the finger, a friend Jeffrey ran into on the street said, “Where the hell have you been? Just getting richer?”

Since the show, Jeffrey “has more or less fallen out of touch with the judges and producers,” the magazine reports, and the “mentorship with Macy’s that was meant to be a part of the Project Runway prize was slow to begin.”

However, he does have wok. “I’m almost afraid to admit what I’m doing, but it’s costumes for a movie. It’s a live-action movie for the Bratz. Yeah, those slutty dolls,” he said. That movie is being executive produced by American Idol judge Paula Abdul, whose work on the film will be chronicled in her new reality series.

Paula Abdul and Bratz are all his fame has really bought him. “It’s things like the Bratz movie that are really interested in having someone who won Project Runway attached to their show. Most of the companies I’d like to be involved with really couldn’t give a shit that I was on TV,” he said.

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