New York would do another VH1 show following her and her new man

I Love New York doesn’t conclude until April, but already its star is talking about yet another spin-off to the franchise, starring her and her new boyfriend.

If VH1 asks, and they have apparently not yet asked, “I would want him to be comfortable, but I’d encourage him to say yes,” New York told the New York Post.

The paper notes that the show “finished taping last fall, which means Pollard and Mr. X haven’t seen each other in months.” But they keep in touch via cell phone. “We talk on our cell phones and send each other pictures. Dirty pictures. That’s how we’re keeping the relationship spicy,” New York, aka Tiffany Pollard, said.

The paper reports that “Pollard says that she’s most surprised that she is frequently recognized on the street by children as young as 7 years old, especially because of her show’s somewhat-adult themes.”

Those kids, New York said, “have tears in their eyes. Some of them cry and their moms and dads have to pull them away. When this happens, I’m thinking to myself. ‘Oh they’re watching the show, maybe I shouldn’t have done this [outrageous behavior] when little 7-year-old Johnny was tuning in! My show is not garbage, it’s well-rounded, and if the kids are watching it then the parents are watching it and if something risqué happens, I hope they’re there to kind of explain not to do it.”

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