Heather Mills may join Dancing with the Stars cast, report says

A report in a UK newspaper claims that Heather Mills, the ex-wife of Paul McCartney, will join the cast of Dancing with the Stars 4. If true, her participation would be particularly notable because she has a prosthetic leg as the result of being hit by a police motorcycle in the early 1990s.

A “source” told London’s Daily Express, “Some may think this is a surprising way for Heather to raise her profile in the US but she has never been stifled by her disability. … She is a great skier and a superb dancer. … Heather is keen to build a TV career in the US. The fact she apparently feels she can do the show despite her false leg is bound to create sympathy and headlines.”

Oddly, the newspaper’s web site doesn’t have the story; instead, it’s just being quoted and spread by a wire story from BANG Media, which quotes the newspaper. So, what we have here is a report of an unsourced report (and this post is a report on that). Journalism is alive and well.

Rather than just pass along the story, Access Hollywood actually contacted Mills’ representative, who said, “I have no word on that. I have no statement at this time.” ABC, too, had no comment.

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