ABC casting for The Next Best Thing, its renamed celebrity impersonator reality series

ABC’s previously announced celebrity impersonator reality series begins casting next month, and it has a new name.

Previously called The Impostor, the series is now called awkwardly called The Next Best Thing: Who is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?. Renaming the show sounds like part of ABC’s 10-step “squeeze all life out of good reality show concepts before they make it to air” strategy, which last summer led the network to air and then immediately cancel a bunch of crap shows.

Anyway, the show will award $100,000 to the best among contestants “who look, sound and act like a celebrity”; viewers will vote for the winner. The show will be hosted by Michele Merkin and judged by Lisa Ann Walters and two others.

The show casts March 5 and 6 in Los Angeles, March 11 and 12 in Las Vegas, March 20 and 21 in New York, and March 28 to 29 in Orlando. More details are in an ABC press release and, allegedly, on and, although the latter two currently have no casting information whatsoever. That’s part two of ABC’s strategy: Withhold casting information from our crappy web site to ensure that only the most obsessive freaks audition.

Production Begins March 5 on “The Next Best Thing: Who is the Greatest Celebrity Impersonator?”… [ABC press release]
The Next Best Thing