Alleged Antonella oral sex pics spread but American Idol’s producer denies knowledge

Following the pictures of Antonella Barba partying and sitting on a toliet, another web site has posted photographs that it says may be Antonella performing oral sex on a man.

However, Vote for the Worst published a comparison photo, that suggests the person in the photos is not Antonella, based upon her “outer ear structure.” Yes, we’ve reached the point where we’re studying American Idol contestants’ ears.

Late last week, the show’s executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that he had not seen the new photos. “We have really good background checks on everybody, and we deal with that every season,” Nigel Lythgoe said. “It’s sad, isn’t it, that your best friends are the ones that come forward with information that will go to Smoking Gun or put your photographs on the web?”

What’s really sad is that these photos, or even posing for a pornographic web site to pay for college, can get someone removed from the competition–especially while the producers are unapologetically cruel and the host accuses a judge of being drunk.

If American Idol‘s producers are going to be judges of morality, than they need to look at themselves first. Then again, judging others for moral transgressions while being guilty of similar transgressions is almost as American as Idol.

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