Michael Jackson will not appear on American Idol

American Idol‘s executive producer categorically denied rumors and speculation, reported as fact by some publications, that Michael Jackson would appear on the show this season.

“It’s not true, is what I can say, just not true,” Nigel Lythgoe told TV Week. Asked to elaborate, he said that there won’t be a future announcement after details are worked out. “No, we won’t be seeing him. Yeah, I much prefer, rather than teasing anybody with it, that the fact is he will not be on ‘American Idol,'” he said.

Michael Jackson’s representative also said his client would not be on the show. “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Michael Jackson is going to appear on ‘American Idol.’ He has signed no agreements with anyone,” Raymone Bain told Access Hollywood.

The rumors started based upon speculative guesses based upon circumstantial evidence by a blog that claimed to have “put all the clues together,” thus “predicting” Jackson’s appearance by making wild conspiratorial claims like that there was “subterfuge to cover up the real purpose of their meetings.” And the story spread as lazy journalists irresponsibly reported on that speculation as if it was fact.

That evidence included a meeting between Jackson and Simon Fuller, the show’s co-creator, that Robin Leach said took place. However, Fuller does much more than Idol; he’s also a manager. Just because Fuller worked to bring David Beckham to the United States doesn’t mean that–using the same logic that drove the original story–Beckham’s going to replace Simon Cowell.

Meanwhile, Nigel Lythogoe also said that there will be “a major news announcement in the next couple of weeks,” although it’s one not involving Jackson. “It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to ‘Idol’ in five years. But it does include ‘American Idol’ and it does include America,” he said.

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