SciFi casting superheros for Who Wants to be a Superhero 2; production starts in March

Stan Lee will return to read awkwardly off a teleprompter for a second season of Who Wants to be a Superhero, and that means he needs more wannabe superheros.

The show wants “unique, original and compelling superheroes” who demonstrate “ingenuity,” and who’s stories are well-crafted. The 10-page application [PDF] asks questions such as, “What are your superhero’s weaknesses?” and “Where did your superhero get his/her powers?”

Production will take place over “three to four week weeks in approximately March and April 2007,” according to the application. Casting began last weekend in Miami, and is part of the WWE Fan Axxess Tour. Here’s the schedule for the remaining auditions; more details :

  • Dallas, January 20-21
  • San Antonio, January 26-27
  • San Antonio, January 28
  • Phoenix, February 3-4
  • Bay Area, February 10-11
  • Los Angeles, February 16-18
  • St. Louis, February 24-25
  • South Padre Island, March 3-4
  • Washington, DC, March 10-11
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