Rock Stars in Rehab will be the subject of new Endemol reality show, report says

A vaguely sourced report in the Sunday Mirror says that the company behind Big Brother is planning a reality show called Rock Stars in Rehab.

As its title suggests, the series would place “a group of well-known faces with very public drug problems into a rehab and just let the cameras run,” an “insider” tells the newspaper.

Those who’ve been “approached to take part” include “Kate Moss’s boyfriend Pete Doherty, who has battled heroin and crack cocaine,” “ex-Celeb BB contestant Donny Tourette, who was filmed snorting cocaine during a fly-on-the-wall series about his band The Towers of London, and Dominic Masters singer in rock group The Others, who is addicted to crack,” according to the Sunday Mirror.

The insider, however, gets preachy, arguing that “Endemol are using drug problems as entertainment and treating addiction like a joke. … If addicts want to get off drugs they really need support and medical supervision — not cameras pushed in their faces.”

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