Chefs not “allowed to say disparaging things about Padma”; new Bravo aftershow debuts after Top Chef

New Top Chef 2 host Padma Lakshmi may have saved us from the horror that was Katie Lee Joel, but three of the cast members weren’t very happy with her.

Cliff told New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, “Nothing she said really made a difference in my cooking.” And when Sam was asked about her, he said, “Next question.” However, he did say, “She never wanted to talk about him [her husband, Salman Rushdie]. I remember a time she got a phone call and she yelled, ‘You can ask me any question you want, but don’t bring up my husband!'”

Most interesting, though, is Ilan’s response. According to New York, he “asked a Bravo flack” a question before responding: “Um, are we allowed to say disparaging things about Padma?” The answer from the PR person was apparently “No,” so Ilan said only, “She’s beautiful. Mostly, she just explained things, and she did a good job at that.”

Meanwhile, Bravo will give cast members and viewers a chance to interact following each episode. We’ve seen this before on MTV, where the “aftershow” follows episodes of The Real World and other programs.

Bravo is calling their aftershow “Watch What Happens,” the network’s tagline, and giving their blogging VP Andy Cohen the job of hosting it, which is probably just a way to save money. The aftershow “will be a 20-minute, weekly, live-streaming, online program on Wednesdays at 11PM ET on, immediately following Bravo’s Wednesday night competition reality series,” the network said in a press release.

On each show, “Cohen will sit down with one or two guests — the winner, the loser, a judge, a favorite personality — chatting about what transpired in that night’s episode and the drama that ensued,” and “[v]iewers have the ability to phone-in, e-mail and text message questions, comments or just plain rants,” Bravo says.

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