Ashley Parker Angel says he “will be starring in Hairspray on Broadway,” doesn’t like his label’s single selection

Making the Band and There and Back star Ashley Parker Angel will soon be appearing on Broadway, he recently announced on his MySpace blog.

On Christmas Eve, he announced that “starting in mid-January 2007 I will be starring in Hairspray on Broadway!! I will be playing the role of Link Larkin.” Ashley will apparently be replacing Aaron Tveit, who the show’s site says is currently playing that role. Incidentally, the production currently features American Idol‘s Diana DeGarmo as Penny Pingleton.

This role, he says, represents a “new direction [that] has made me feel inspired in a way that I have not felt in a long time.” Lest all fans of O-Town feel like he’s dissing the group that brought us “Liquid Dreams,” well, he ignores that. But he did write, “Now that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed having my own MTV show in 2006 as well as recording my solo album ‘Soundtrack To Your Life’ its just that there is still much more I feel I want to accomplish!! This last year has brought me much success and I expect 2007 to be even better.”

He also reveals that he’s clashed, on some level, with his record label about the single from his album. He writes, “I was very disappointed to see my record label choose a song called ‘Where’d U Go’ that had received such few votes compared to favorites like ‘I’m Better’ and ‘Crazy Beautiful’.” He adds, “I personally visited EVERY major radio station in the ENTIRE COUNTRY in 2006 and not one single radio programmer or radio DJ ever suggested ‘Where’d U Go’ as a single.”

Thus, Ashley writes, “You can imagine my surprise when my record label decided to not even film a video for ‘Where’d U Go’ which they appeared to believe in so much, even ignoring the myspace poll results indicating the song fans wanted to hear most.,” he writes. “My management tried to persuade the record label to choose one of the more obvious radio singles on the album but to no avail. My manager also recommended that I go along with their decision rather than try to do anything about it, which at the time seemed like the right move.”

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