Sydney, Australia confirmed for next Real World

As earlier reports suggested, the next season of MTV’s flagship reality show will be taped in Australia. Production on The Real World Sydney will “begin early next month and the show is expected to hit the air as soon as next summer,” the New York Post reports.

The house is a “contemporary 20,000-square-foot, waterfront house,” the paper reports, although it is close to both the “Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.”

But don’t look for the location to significantly change the show’s content; producers are apparently going to cast more drunk assholes. Executive producer Jon Murray incomprehensibly brags about his casts’ penchant for partying, as if it hasn’t ruined his series. “If there was ever a people on this planet that have something in common with ‘Real World’ [cast members] it’s Australians. Both [groups] love to party,” he said.

And Murray also told the paper that “the [city’s] iconic structures are within walking distance,” but the house’s proximity to attractions didn’t exactly matter in Denver, as the cast was prohibited from going to concerts or other events. Of course, they certainly were allowed to go to bars, and Murray says those are “right around the corner.” Fantastic.

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