Sydney, Australia, may be the location for the next Real World

A job advertisement posted for Australian production assistants suggests that the 19th season of The Real World will be set in Sydney, far away from stalkers and subversive newspapers.

The advertisement seeks production assistants, and it’s rather obvious about identifying the show for which they’ll be working. The ad informs interested people to contact [email protected] and Ken Chien, who the MM Agency–which first noticed the ad–says “was the production manager for the Real World San Diego, the line producer for the Real World Denver, and the director for both the Real World Austin and the Real World Key West seasons.”

The ad also says the company’s web site is, which of course belongs to the production company that produces the show, and the listing says production assistants are needed for “an American reality show that will be shooting in Sydney for about 8 months, pre-production starting in December.”

However, job ads haven’t always proven to be reliable; ads posted for PAs in Detroit suggested the series might move there, but it went to Denver instead. And the Australia ad specifies a production time of eight months, which is more than twice as long as most seasons of The Real World.

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