Jewel says she was asked to be a cast member on the first season of The Real World

Jewel is the new host of Nashville Star, but about 14 years ago, she had a chance to join the cast of the first modern reality show, The Real World.

“I want to say, it was ‘The Real World’s’ first year, and I bet I was 18 or 19. They were putting word out to the industry. My label was looking for a way to break a folk artist,” she tells The New York Daily News.

She said her label “brought it to me,” but she said no because “I didn’t want to be known as the girl from ‘The Real World.'”

As the paper points out, “the cast of the first season of the ‘Real World’ (1992) did include Rebecca Blasband, a budding folk singer.” But Bunim-Murray “could not confirm that Jewel was close to being cast on any of the first seasons of Real World. Considering her age, the spokesman said, it might have been for seasons two through eight.”

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