Bob and Jillian back together for Australia’s Biggest Loser 2

For The Biggest Loser 3, trainer Jillian Michaels was replaced by Kim Lyons. But Jillian is back working with Bob on Australia’s second season of the series, as the season preview below shows.

The show airs in February on Channel 10, but news that one contestant had to leave the show has already been released. A contestant named Jules “was taken to Sydney’s Royal North Shore hospital twice after filming began,” The Sunday Mail reports.

The network’s spokesperson said, “Through ongoing discussions between Jules, the producers and the medical team, the over-cautious decision was made for Jules to exit the program. Jules is understandably disappointed but now more than ever realises the importance of losing weight and having an active lifestyle. She is determined to continue the work and weight-loss she has started while being part of The Biggest Loser.”

As the following preview shows, the paper also confirms that the new cast is working with both trainers:

‘Biggest Loser’ entrant quits [Sunday Mail]